Conference Papers

ICUMT 2017
9th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems
06-08 Nov-2017; Munich, Germany 

Device characterization for THz wireless links
Mira Naftaly

Building an End User focused THz based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network: The TERAPOD Approach
Alan Davy; Luis Pessoa; Cyril Renaud; Edward Wasige; Mira Naftaly; Thomas Kürner; Glenn George; Oleg Cojocari; Niamh O’ Mahony; Marco A. Porcel

Channel Sounding Techniques for Applications in THz Communications – A first correlation based channel sounder for ultra-wideband dynamic channel measurements at 300 GHz
Sebastian Rey, Johannes M. Eckhardt and Bile Peng; Ke Guan; Thomas Kürner

THz Electronics for Data Centre Wireless Links – the TERAPOD Project
Abdullah Al-Khalidi and Khalid Alharbi; Jue Wang; Edward Wasige