Alan Davy letter from US Army Research Office, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

US Army Research Corporation THz Communication Workshop (09-11 Oct-2018)

10th October 2018.


Hi All,

I’m here at Browne University in Providence, Rhode Island attending a US Army Research Office (USARO) sponsored workshop discussing the future challenges and opportunities for THz Communication. I’m being joined by a select group of world leading experts on THz communication from the US, Europe as well as Japan.

Brown University has one of the oldest Engineering programs in the US, starting in 1847. I’ve been invited to participate in this workshop by Prof. Dan Mittleman, Professor of Engineering. The workshop is focusing on four core topics, namely

1) Electronic THz sources and systems,
2) Photonic THz sources and systems,
3) Networks, protocols and architectures and
4) External systems and integration.

I’ve been participating in discussions on Photonic THz sources as well as networks, protocols and architectures. The discussion sessions aim to determine a common agreed set of challenges for the topic, as well as identify first steps to address these challenges.

My main challenges focus on physical layer and media access layer protocols for THz communication. Due the particularities of the THz band (which is above regular WiFi (microwave) radio spectrum and below infrared light) communication in this band has many advantages over current approaches. However, many challenges exist. For example, as THz radiation is highly directional, wireless network control protocols based on omni-directional broadcasting breaks down. How then do we discover other nodes, synchronise, set up and maintain connections?

My opinions and the opinions of the other participants will be discussed and merged towards the production of a roadmap report for the USARO. Being invited to participate in this workshop, demonstrates the impact our THz communication research is having on the global THz communication community and impacting funding pathways in the US and most likely within the EU also.

So long from Providence.



Dr. Alan Davy

Senior Research Fellow,
TERAPOD Coordinator,
Emerging Networks Lab Research Unit Manager,
Telecommunications Software & Systems Group,
Waterford Institute of Technology,
Waterford, Ireland.