TERAPOD Final Workshop

Date: 26 May 2021

Location: Online

The TERAPOD final workshop was held on WED 26-May-2021!

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, it was an online event. However, it proved to be a very interesting and useful day! There were presentations from some of the key TERAPOD researchers, live demonstrations of THz data links at several sites as well as a panel session to discuss the potential for THz communications.

Agenda (UPDATED!)

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Project overview and review of agenda
Bruce Napier; Vivid Components

SBDs for THz applications
Diego Moro Melgar; ACST GmbH

PICs for THz
Alberto Hinojosa; VLC Photonics

Antennas for THz links
Luis Pessoa; INESC TEC

RTDs for THz links
Edward Wasige; University of Glasgow

UTC-PD THz sources
Cyril Renaud; University College London

Characterisation of THz devices and systems
Mira Naftaly; NPL

TERAPOD contributions to THz standards
Thomas Kürner; TU Braunschweig

Communications and protocols
Noureddine Boujnah; Waterford Institute of Technology

THz channel modelling
Johannes Eckhardt; TU Braunschweig

Potential for THz in data centre networks
Sean Ahearne;  Dell EMC

Simulation demo: THz links in a data centre environment
Johannes Eckhardt; TU Braunschweig

DEMO-1: 3 Gbps HDMI using RTD
Jue Wang; University of Glasgow

DEMO-2: 10 Gbps data centre switch using UTC
Cyril Renaud; University College London

Panel session
Sean Ahearne, Thomas Kürner, Bruce Napier (Chair), Cyril Renaud Edward Wasige