ThoR added to ICT-09-2017 Cluster

ThoR (TeraHertz end-to-end wireless systems supporting ultra high data Rate applications) is a joint EU-Japan project to provide technical solutions for the data networks beyond 5G (B5G) based on 300 GHz RF wireless links. ThoR was not funded in ICT-09-2017 but the topics are very closely aligned and the Cluster has decided to include this exciting project.

Data traffic densities of several Tbps/km2 are already predicted for 5G networks. To service a fully mobile and connected society networks B5G must undergo tremendous growth in connectivity, data traffic density and volume as well as the required multi-level ultra-densification. The ThoR project will provide technical solutions for the backhauling and fronthauling of this traffic at the novel spectrum range near 300 GHz, which is able to cover the data rates of 200+ Gbps required for B5G systems.