Conference Papers

EUCNC 2019
European Conference on Networks and Communications
18-21 Jun-2019; Valencia, Spain

Modeling and Link Quality Assessment of THz Network Within Data Center
Noureddine Boujnah, Saim Ghafoor and Alan Davy

ICT Beyond 5G Cluster: Seven H2020 for future 5G
Paoloni, Claudio; Alexiou, Angeliki; Bouchet, Oliver; Davy, Alan; Ermolov, Vladimir; Kürner, Thomas; Napier, Bruce; Sahin, Onur
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EuCAP 2019
13th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
31-Mar to 05-Apr-2019; Krakow, Poland

Measurements in a Real Data Centre at 300 GHz and Recent Results
Johannes M. Eckhardt, Tobias Doeker, Sebastian Rey and Thomas Kürner
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Photonics West 2019
04-07 Feb-2019; San Francisco, USA
Photonic systems for tunable mm-wave and THz wireless communications 
Luis Gonzalez-Guerrero, Katarzyna Balakier, Manoj Thakur, Haymen Shams, Lalitha Ponnampalam, Chris S. Graham, Martyn J. Fice, Alwyn J. Seeds, and Cyril C. Renaud
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MWP 2018
2018 International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics
22-25 Oct-2018; Toulouse, France

Multi-service digital radio over fibre system with millimetre wave bridging
Tongyun Li, Haymen Shams, Cyril C. Renaud, Alwyn J. Seeds, Richard Penty, Martyn Fice, Ian White
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60 GHz Wireless Link Implementing an Electronic Mixer Driven by a Photonically Integrated Uni-Traveling Carrier Photodiode at the Receiver
Ahmad W. Mohammad, Katarzyna Balakier, Haymen Shams, Frédéric van Dijk, Chin-Pang Liu, Chris Graham, Michele Natrella, Xiaoli Lin, Alwyn J. Seeds and Cyril C. Renaud

EuRAD 2018
15th European Radar Conference
26-28 Sep-2018; Madrid, Spain

A High Power High Efficiency 270 – 320 GHz Source Based on Flip-Chip Schottky Diodes
Moro-Melgar, Diego & Cojocari, Oleg & Oprea, Ion

EuMC 2018
European Microwave Conference
23-27 Sep-2018; Madrid, Spain

15 Gbps Wireless Link Using W-Band Resonant Tunnelling Diode Transmitter
Jue Wang, Abdullah Al-Khalidi, Razvan Morariu, Afesomeh Ofiare, Liquan Wang, Edward Wasige
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IRmmW-THz 2018
09-14 Sep-2018; Nagoya, Japan
43rd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves

Optically Pumped Mixing in Photonically Integrated Uni-Travelling Carrier Photodiode
Ahmad W. Mohammad, Andrzej Jankowski, Frederic van Dijk, and Cyril C. Renaud

Turning THz Communications into Reality : Status on Technology, Standardization and Regulation
Thomas Kürner
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NanoCom 2018
5th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication
05-07 Sep-2018; Reykjavik, Iceland

Towards Building an Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network: Recent Progress, Requirements and Challenges
Alan Davy [Invited]

TERAFLAG workshop
1st European TERAFLAG Workshop
06-Sep-2018; Cassis, France

Introduction to TERAPOD
Brendan Jennings

IOP Photon 2018
03-06 Sep-2018; Birmingham, UK

Low cost packaging for R&D, and future data developments in THz wireless communications and QKD data security
Glenn George

ICTON 2018
01-05 Jul-2018; Bucharest, Romania
Experimental Evaluation of Resonant Tunnelling Diode Oscillators Employing Advanced Modulation Formats
J. S. Tavares ; L. M. Pessoa ; H. M. Salgado
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ICT 18
International Conference on Telecommunications
26-28 Jun-2018; St. Malo, France

THz communication and its potential for beyond 5G networks
Thomas Kürner [Keynote address]

EUCNC 2018
European Conference on Networks and Communications
18-21 Jun-2018; Ljubljana, Slovenia

THz Communications – An option for Wireless Networks Beyond 5G?
Thomas Kürner [Keynote address]

TERAPOD: Building an End User Focused THz Based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network**
Alan Davy; Luis Pessoa; Cyril Renaud; Edward Wasige; Mira Naftaly; Thomas Kürner; Glenn George; Oleg Cojocari; Niamh O’ Mahony; Marco A. Porcel

**Part of Special Session 3 (SPS3) Terabit Wireless Transport for Networks Beyond 5G organised by the ICT-09-2017 cluster

VTC 2018-Spring
2018 IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference
03-06 Jun-2018; Porto, Portugal

Optical Characteristics Analysis of Resonant Tunneling Diode Photodetector based Oscillators*
Weikang Zhang, Scott Watson, Jue Wang, J. Figueiredo, E. Wasige and A. E. Kelly
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GSMM 2018
11th Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves 2018
22-24 May-2018; Boulder, CO, USA

Advanced Channel Measurements for THz Communications [Keynote address]
Thomas Kürner

THz Electronics Workshop (iBROW)
23-24 Apr-2018; Glasgow, UK

THz metrology
Mira Naftaly

ISSTT 2018

29th IEEE International Symposium on Space THz Technology
26-28 Mar-2018; Pasadena, CA, USA

Diamond-Substrate Schottky Diodes for high-power mm-wave Multipliers
Oleg Cojocari, Diego Moro-Melgar, and Ion Oprea
Paper W3.3 Full paper (Gold access)

High Power Flip-Chip Schottky Diodes based 275-305 GHz Transceiver for FMCW-Radar
D. Moro-Melgar, O. Cojocari, I. Oprea, M. Hoefle & M. Rickes
Paper W3.4 Full paper (Gold access)

Single-Chip 150 GHz Doubler with more than 150 mW Output Power based on Flip-Chip Schottky Diodes
D. Moro Melgar, O. Cojocari, I. Oprea, M. Rickes & M. Hoefle
Poster PS49 Full paper (Gold access)

Towards TeraHertz Communications (EC workshop)
07-Mar-2018; Brussels, Belgium

IEEE 802.15.3d and other activities related to THz Communications. Where to go next?
Thomas Kürner

Standards and metrology for THz devices
Mira Naftely

Data Centre Use Case for THz wireless links
Alan Davy

Teranet Terahertz Communications
08-Jan-2018; London, UK

Terahertz communications-introduction [Invited paper]
Thomas Kürner

Advanced methods for channel characterization in THz communication systems [Invited paper]
Alan Davy

Building an end user focused THz based ultra high bandwidth wireless access network [Invited paper]

ICUMT 2017
9th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems
06-08 Nov-2017; Munich, Germany 

Device characterization for THz wireless links
Mira Naftaly
Proc. ICUMT 2017, p. 364-369 (2017).

THz Electronics for Data Centre Wireless Links – the TERAPOD Project
Abdullah Al-Khalidi and Khalid Alharbi; Jue Wang; Edward Wasige
Proc. ICUMT 2017, p. 445-448 (2017).
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Channel Sounding Techniques for Applications in THz Communications – A first correlation based channel sounder for ultra-wideband dynamic channel measurements at 300 GHz
Sebastian Rey, Johannes M. Eckhardt and Bile Peng; Ke Guan; Thomas Kürner
Proc. ICUMT 2017, p. 449-453 (2017).
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Building an End User focused THz based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network: The TERAPOD Approach
Alan Davy; Luis Pessoa; Cyril Renaud; Edward Wasige; Mira Naftaly; Thomas Kürner; Glenn George; Oleg Cojocari; Niamh O’ Mahony; Marco A. Porcel
Proc. ICUMT 2017, p. 454-459 (2017).
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