Six TERAPOD newsletters have been released during the project (plus an extra one in Aug-2021!).

Newsletter #7 (Aug-2021)
• The final TERAPOD online workshop (May 2021)
• Substrate integrated sub-THz antenna array at INESC
• WIT progress in THz link establishment algorithms
• Simulation demonstrator for top-of-rack links by TU Braunschweig
• NPL THz characterisation suite.

Newsletter #6 (Mar-2021)
• TERAPOD final online workshop date
• Channel sounder video from TU Braunschweig
• RTD waveguide packaging from INESC + Glasgow
• Simulation of data centre networks at WIT
• Phase distribution chip from VLC Photonics
• THz comms events in Mar-2021
• Books and journal editions on THz comms.

Newsletter #5 (Sep-2020)
World first THz link testing in a data centre at Dell EMC
275-320 GHz low barrier SBD mixer at ACST
Backhaul/fronthaul demo using THz UTC PDs at UCL
TERAPOD compact RTD transceiver from University of Glasgow
Beam profile characterisation of emitters for THz wireless links at NPL
New date announced for 3rd Towards THz Comms Workshop

 Newsletter #4 (Dec-2019)
• Announcement of the 3rd Towards THz Comms
Workshop organised by the B5G Cluster
• WIT simulations of data centre network THz links
• Waveguide-based horn antenna work at INESC TEC
• Call for papers: Special Issue of Applied Sciences on THz comms

Newsletter #3 (Jul-2019)
B5G Cluster workshop at the IEEE 5G World Forum
THz channel characterisation measurements by TU Braunschweig
Progress on the phase distribution chip from VLC
Packaging development by Bay Photonics.

Newsletter #2 (Nov-2018)
• 2nd Towards THz Comms workshop 07-Mar-2019
• Cluster booth at EuMW 2018
• Schottky barrier diode devices from ACST
• A record-breaking THz bridge at UCL
• THz device characterisation kit at NPL
• Dell-EMC perspective on TERAPOD use cases

Newsletter #1 (May-2018)
• An overview of the project objectives
• An introduction to the ICT-09-2017 cluster of related H2020 projects
• Some recent TERAPOD events
• A summary of the TERAPOD usage scenarios
• Notice of some upcoming TERAPOD activities