Newsletters will be released approximately twice per year.

 Newsletter #4 (Dec-2019)
• Announcement of the 3rd Towards THz Comms
Workshop organised by the B5G Cluster
• WIT simulations of data centre network THz links
• Waveguide-based horn antenna work at INESC TEC
• Call for papers: Special Issue of Applied Sciences on THz comms

Newsletter #3 (Jul-2019)
B5G Cluster workshop at the IEEE 5G World Forum
THz channel characterisation measurements by TU Braunschweig
Progress on the phase distribution chip from VLC
Packaging development by Bay Photonics.

Newsletter #2 (Nov-2018)
• 2nd Towards THz Comms workshop 07-Mar-2019
• Cluster booth at EuMW 2018
• Schottky barrier diode devices from ACST
• A record-breaking THz bridge at UCL
• THz device characterisation kit at NPL
• Dell-EMC perspective on TERAPOD use cases

Newsletter #1 (May-2018)
• An overview of the project objectives
• An introduction to the ICT-09-2017 cluster of related H2020 projects
• Some recent TERAPOD events
• A summary of the TERAPOD usage scenarios
• Notice of some upcoming TERAPOD activities