D2.1Initial Requirements and Scenario SpecificationApproved
D2.2Revised Requirements and Scenario SpecificationApproved
D2.3Final Requirements and Scenario SpecificationsDRAFT (Submitted)
D2.4Initial Research Alignment ReportApproved
D2.5Revised Research Alignment ReportApproved
D2.6Final Research Alignment ReportDue May-2021
D3.3Design report of phase distribution PICApproved
D3.4Report on the design and simulation of THz integrated antennasApproved
D3.5Characterization report of phase distribution PICApproved
D3.8Final packaged devices Due Jan-2021
D4.1Initial characterisation of devices Approved
D4.2Final characterisation of devicesDue Mar-2021
D4.3Initial characterisation of systemsApproved
D4.4Final characterisation of systems DRAFT (Submitted)
D4.5Initial Data Management PlanApproved
D4.6Interim Data Management Plan and Report Approved
D4.7Final Data Management Plan and Report Due May-2021
D5.1Initial PHY-Layer model and simulatorApproved
D5.2Final PHY-Layer Model and SimulatorOn hold
(Related paper in press)
D5.3Initial Data-LINK layer Model and Simulator Approved
D5.4Final Data-LINK-Layer Model and Simulator DRAFT (Submitted)
D5.5Initial NETWORK Layer Model and SimulatorApproved
D5.6Final NETWORK layer Model and Simulation DRAFT (Submitted)
D6.2Final bench demonstrator (point to point)Due May-2021
D6.3Initial Simulation DemonstratorApproved
D6.4Final simulation demonstrator Due May-2021
D6.6Final Data Centre Demonstrator Due May-2021
D7.1Dissemination PackApproved
D7.5Initial Standardisation Impact StrategyApproved
D7.6Interim Standardisation impact reportApproved
D7.7Final Standardisation Impact ReportDue May-2021
D7.8 Project WebsiteApproved