Upcoming events

ISWCS 2019
16th International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems
27-30 August, Oulu, Finland
The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum for researchers and technologists to present new ideas and contributions in the form of technical papers, panel discussions, as well as real-world evaluation in the field of wireless communications, networking and signal processing. This 16th symposium will bring together various wireless communication systems developers to discuss the current status, technical challenges, standards, fundamental issues, and future services and applications.
There will be a special session organised by Cluster partner TERRANOVA: “Terahertz wireless communication for beyond 5G.”

IRMMW-THz 2019
44th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves
01-06 Sep-2019; Paris, France
Since 2000, the IRMMW-THz conference series has alternated between Asia, Europe and America on a continuous three year cycle. In 2019, the conference returns to the European leg, and will be held in Paris, France, for the first time, from September 1 to 6, at the Maison de la Chimie Conference Center, Paris. Topics include: sources, detectors, and receivers; modeling and analysis techniques; mm and sub-mm-wave systems, radar and communications.
Several TERAPOD-related items are planned at this event: please check back later!

EuMW 2019
European Microwave Week 2019
29-Sep to 04-Oct-2019; Paris, France
European Microwave Week 2019 is a six day event, including three conferences and a trade and technology exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe. EuMW 2019 provides access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector. It also offers the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with those driving the future of microwave technology. The 22nd European Microwave Week combines. In addition, Exhibitor Workshops and Seminars will be provided by several top organisations with superior expertise in Microwave, RF, Wireless or Radar.

IEEE 5G World Forum
30-Sep to 02-Oct-2019; Dresden, Germany
This conference aims to bring experts from industry, academia and research to exchange their vision as well as their achieved advances towards 5G, and encourage innovative cross-domain studies, research, early deployment and large-scale pilot showcases that address the challenges of 5G. 
The Cluster will hold a Workshop From Evolution to Revolution, a Roadmap for Beyond 5G at this event. Please click on the link to register!

Past events

ICTON 2019
21th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks,
09-13 Jul-2019; Angers, France
The scope of the Conference and co-located events is focused on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing, sensing, and novel applications. Conference topics of relevance to TERAPOD include: next generation networking, wireless and optical networking and microwave photonics.
Prof. Cyril Renaud from UCL was co-chair of the 1st DFG MARIE Workshop on THz Photonics which was held in parallel with ICTON 2019. Call for papers

IWMTS 2019
2019 Second International Workshop on Mobile Terahertz Systems
01-3 Jul-2019; Bad Neuenahr, Germany
This workshop provides a forum for scientists and engineers in this emerging field to present and exchange the outcome of their research. The workshop aims to serve as a catalyst in bringing together participants from academia and industry to help foster new connections and ideas among a heterogeneous community ranging from senior researchers, PhD students, and engineers. The workshop will feature a comprehensive technical program with technical tracks on various aspects related to terahertz research, technology, and applications. In addition, expanded industry exhibitions showcasing the latest advances in THz technology will also provide opportunities for industry professionals to communicate with academics.

EUCNC 2019
European Conference on Networks and Communications
18-21 Jun-2019; Valencia, Spain

EuCNC 2019 is the 28th edition of a successful series of a conference in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and the European Association for Signal Processing, and supported by the European Commission. This conference is one of the most prominent communications and networking conferences in Europe, which efficiently brings together cutting-edge research and world-renown industries and businesses. EuCNC attracts more than 600 delegates each year and an exhibition space of more than 1500 sq m. The conference focuses on various aspects of 5G communications systems and networks, including cloud and virtualisation solutions, management technologies, and vertical application areas. It targets to bring together researchers from all over the world to present the latest research results, and it is one of the main venues for demonstrating the results of research projects, especially from successive European R&D programmes co-financed by the European Commission.
TERAPOD was part of the H2020 Beyond 5G Cluster booth (#60).

IMS 2019
International Microwave Symposium
02-07 Jun-2019; Boston, USA
The International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is the centerpiece of the Microwave Week technical program, which includes the Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC) and the Automatic Radio-Frequency Techniques Group Conference (ARFTG). With over 10,000 participants and 1000 industrial exhibits of state-of-the-art microwave products, IMS Microwave Week is the world’s largest gathering of Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave professionals and the most important forum for the latest research advances and practices in the field.

4th International Conference on Terahertz Emission, Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
27-31 May-2019; Lecce, Italy
TERAMETANANO is an annual conference that gathers physicists studying a wide variety of phenomena in the areas of nano-structures, nano-photonics and meta-materials, with special attention to the coupling between light and matter and in a broad range of wavelengths, going from the visible up to the terahertz. The presentations will cover, both from an experimental and theoretical point of view, the optical and electrical properties of advanced nano-scale systems, such as two-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures, nano-crystals, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, hybrid systems and heterostructures.

EuMCE 2019
European Microwave Conference in Central Europe
13-15 May-2019; Prague, Czech Republic
The European Microwave Association (EuMA) is launching the European Microwave Conference in Central Europe, with associated Workshops and an Exhibition. EuMCE is a new series of events, modelled on European Microwave Week that will be held every two years, visiting the major cities of Central Europe. The aim of EuMCE is to better serve the microwave community in the Central Europe region and promote related microwave activities. Thanks to the associated Exhibition, which will attract companies not only from Central Europe but also from the rest of the world, the microwave industry will be an essential part of this new event, alongside academia and research centres.

IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
29-Apr to 02-May-2019; Paris, France
IEEE INFOCOM is a top ranked conference on networking in the research community. It is a major conference venue for researchers to present and exchange significant and innovative contributions and ideas in the field of networking and closely related areas. IEEE INFOCOM covers both theoretical and systems research. For INFOCOM 2019, the conference includes a main technical program, a number of workshops, a keynote speech, panels, a student poster session, and demo/poster sessions.
The TERAPOD coordinator, Alan Davy (WIT), was one of the two General Chairs of the Workshop on Ultra-high Broadband Terahertz Communication for 5G and Beyond networks (UBTCN’19) which was part of this conference event. Several TERAPOD presentations featured in the agenda. 

EuCAP 2019
13th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
31-Mar to 05-Apr-2019; Krakow, Poland
EuCAP has now become one of the flagship conferences on antennas and propagation, attracting researchers from across the world. With approximately 1200 to 1500 attendees, it is one of the largest conferences of its type.
Johannes Eckhardt from TU Braunschweig presented some TERAPOD results in his paper, “Measurements in a Real Data Centre at 300 GHz and Recent Results.” 

2nd Towards Terahertz Communications Workshop
07-Mar-2019; Brussels, Belgium
This EC-supported event was hosted by the ICT-09-2017 Cluster and includes sessions on “THz Communication Electronic and Photonic Components and Systems”, “Networks, Protocols and Architectures and User Cases” and “Spectrum and Physical Layer.” There were presentations from ten prestigious invited speakers as well as overviews of the Networking Research Beyond 5G Cluster H2020 projects.
More info and registration link here!

IEEE Global Communications Conference
09-13 Dec-2018; Abu Dhabi, UAE
Themed “Gateway to a Connected World,” the conference will offer five full days of original paper presentations, tutorials, workshops, keynotes, demonstrations, industry sessions and social events designed to further career opportunities and the in-depth understanding of the latest communications advancements worldwide.

2nd International Conference on Photonics and Opto Packaging
23-Oct-2018; Paignton, UK 
This conference relates to those involved with the design of systems and development of components as well as end users and will address issues of placement of die and components, die and component packaging for emerging optoelectronic technology applications. Interconnection technologies will be a key feature of the presentations and the event will offer the opportunity to learn about emerging photonics and opto-technology, process tools and flows, materials and equipment selection/options as well as design/industrialisation aspects.
Bay Photonics will present at this event on some of the challenges in TERAPOD. 

TWEETHER final workshop
28-Sep-2018; Valencia, Spain
The objective of the TWEETHER project is to set a milestone in mm-wave technology by the realization of the first W-band (92-95 GHz) point to multi-point (PmP) wireless system for distribution of high capacity everywhere. The field trial of the TWEETHER system will demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance of the PmP at W-band by one transmission hub linked to three terminals allocated at different distances. The field trial will be performed in the campus of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

Back HomeECOC 2018
44th European Conference on Optical Communication
23-27 Sep-2018; Rome, Italy
ECOC is a leading European conference in the field of optical communication, and one of the most prestigious and long-standing events in this field. Here, the latest progress in optical communication technologies will be reported in selected papers, demo session, keynotes, workshops and special symposia. Parallel to the scientific conference, the ECOC exhibition covers a wide range of optical communication products and services.

EuMW 2018
European Microwave Week 2018
23-28 Sep-2018; Madrid, Spain
The European Microwave Exhibition (25-27 Sep-2018) is the largest trade show dedicated to Microwaves and RF in Europe, providing: 8000 sqm of gross exhibition space, around 4000 visitors from around the globe, >1500 conference delegates and in excess of 300 international exhibitors. In parallel there are three world class conferences: European Microwave Conference (EuMC), the largest event in Europe dedicated to microwave components, systems and technology, European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) and European Radar Conference (EuRAD).
As part of the ICT-09-2017 cluster, TERAPOD will had booth #358 at this event. There was also a presentation from TERAPOD partner ACST on, “A High Power High Efficiency 270-320 GHz Source Based on Flip-Chip Schottky Diodes” (EuRAD01-3).

NanoCom 2018
5th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication
05-07 Sep-2018; Reykjavik, Iceland
The main goals of ACM/IEEE NanoCom 2018 are to increase the visibility of this growing research area to the wider computing and communication research communities as well as bring together researchers from diverse disciplines that can foster and develop new paradigms for nanoscale devices. Due to the highly inter-disciplinary nature of this field of research, the conference aims to attract researchers and academics from various areas of study such as electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, bio-engineering, biotechnology, materials science, nanotechnology, who have an interest in computing and communications at the nanoscale.
Alan Davy (TSSG) presented an invited paper on TERAPOD at this event entitled, “Towards Building an Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network: Recent Progress, Requirements and Challenges.”

EuCNC 2018
European Conference on Networks and Communications 2018
18-21 Jun-2018; Ljubljana, Slovenia
EuCNC 2018 is the 27th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP, and financially supported by the European Commission, focusing on communication networks and systems, and reaching services and applications. It targets to bring together researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing, demonstrating and trialling the results of research projects, especially from successive European R&D programmes.
A video of a keynote address from Prof. Thomas Kürner (TU Braunschweig) on THz communications may be seen hereTERAPOD also participated in a Special Session (SPS3) on Terabit Wireless Transport for Networks Beyond 5G feature at this event and Noureddine Boujnah presented a paper on TERAPOD: “Building an End User focused integrated THz communication system: A Data Centre Use Case.”

IMS 2018
IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2018
10-15 Jun-2018; Philadelphia, USA
Topics at this major event include: microwave theory and techniques, RF/microwave/millimeter-wave/terahertz circuit design and fabrication technology and radio/wireless communication.

Porto VTC LogoTHz Communications Beyond 5G Workshop
1st International Workshop on THz Communication Technologies for Systems Beyond 5G
(Part of 2018 IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2018-Spring)
03-06 Jun-2018; Porto, Portugal
Motivated by the potential of THz technologies to transform the future of ICT, this workshop aspires to reveal and discuss the critical technology gaps as well as the appropriate enablers, in terms of baseband processing RF frontend, channel models and waveforms, signals and coding, beam-patterns and medium access schemes.
TERAPOD partners TU Braunschweig and University of Glasgow presented papers at this workshop, which was part of the IEEE VTC 2018-Spring conference. See Conference Papers page.

iBROW workshop
23-24 Apr-2018; Glasgow, UK
iBROW is a Horizon 2020 project to develop a novel, energy-efficient and compact ultra-broadband short-range wireless communication transceiver technology, seamlessly interfaced with optical fibre networks and capable of addressing envisaged future network needs. The final workshop will include high profile guest speakers from around the world as well as presentations from the researchers in the project which has achieved a number of world firsts.
This event was led by TERAPOD partner UGLA and included several contributions from the project: Edward Wasige, UGLA (RTDs as THz sources); Luís Pessoa, INESC (RTD-based microwave photonic links); Mira Naftely, NPL (THz metrology) and Thomas Kuerner, TU Braunschweig (THz channel modelling).

ICMIM 2018
4th International Conference on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility
16-18 Apr-2018; Munich, Germany
This conference covers a broad range of topics that enable intelligent mobile systems through RF/microwave/millimeter wave components, circuits and systems. Potential applications include cognitive and autonomous automobiles and robots, wireless communications between automobiles and industrial machines.

EuCAP 2018
12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
09-13 Apr-2018; London, UK
EuCAP has now become one of flagship conferences on antennas and propagation attracting all researchers across the world. With approximately 1200 attendees it is the largest conference of its type outside of the USA. It will cover a wide area of research, related to antennas and propagation, and encompasses various aspects of fundamental theory, numerical modelling and designs, industrial applications, advanced manufacturing and measurements. Convened sessions address key topical problems,particularly proposals from industrialists, concerning futuristic, cross-disciplinary and high impact topics.
Bile Peng (TU Braunschweig) presented a paper on “Two-Step Angle-of-Arrival Estimation for Terahertz Communications Based on Correlation of Power-Angular Spectra in Frequency.”

19th IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference
09-10 Apr-2018; Florida, USA
The conference will address up-to-date multidisciplinary research needs and interdisciplinary aspects of wireless and RF technology.

3rd International Conference on Terahertz Emission, Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
25-29 Mar-2018; Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico
The Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (MIFP) is organizing the International Conference on Terahertz Emission, Metamaterials and Nanophotonics that will be held in Hacienda Uxmal Plantation & Museum (Mexico) from 25 to 29 March 2018. Topics of TERAMETANANO-3 include but are not limited to: terahertz spectroscopy, metamaterials and hybrid materials.

Towards TeraHertz Communications workshop
07-Mar-2018; Brussels, Belgium
This workshop aims at bringing together key actors currently working on, or having interest, in THz communications in order to explore future R&I plans for the period beyond 2020. The main goal of the workshop will be to have an overview of the current state of the art of the research in this area, to discuss the main challenges still to be explored, to highlight key research directions for future R&I actions and to share opinions on the foreseen frequency bands which could be good candidate to be supported by the EU in the global allocation exercise.
TERAPOD had three several presentations at this event: Alan Davy, WIT (on THz in data centres); Thomas Kuerner, TU Braunschweig (on IEEE 802.15.3d) and Mira Naftely, NPL (on THz metrology.

IET Colloquium on mm-wave and THz Engineering & Technology 2018
01-Mar-2018; Birmingham, UK
The millimetre-wave and terahertz regions of the electromagnetic spectrum have recently attracted new interest with new applications beginning to appear such as communications, non-destructive testing and medical imaging. This event aims to provide the opportunity for networking with key people in the area with the presence of industrial leaders.

RWW 2018
Radio and Wireless Week 2018
14-17 Jan-2018; Anaheim, CA, USA
RWW consists of five related conferences that focus on the intersection between wireless communication theory, systems, circuits, and device technologies. This creates a unique forum for engineers to discuss various technologies for state-of-art wireless systems and their end-use applications.

Teranet Terahertz Communications
08-Jan-2018; London, UK
This event, organised by the University of Leeds, featured several TERAPOD speakers.
Three TERAPOD papers were presented at this event.

MMS 2017
Mediterranean Microwave Symposium 2017
28-30 Nov-2017; Marseille, France
Topics covered include: microwave-media interaction, microwave metrology, 3D printing for microwave applications, classical and organic microelectronics for microwave applications, sustainable development related to microwave, spatial communications and new solutions for innovating learning for electromagnetism teaching.

ICUMT 2017
9th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems
06-08 Nov-2017; Munich, Germany 
ICUMT is an IEEE (R8 + Germany Section) technically co-sponsored (approved) premier international congress providing an open forum for researchers, engineers, network planners and service providers targeted on newly emerging technologies, systems, standards, services, and applications, bringing together leading international players in telecommunications, control systems, automation and robotics. The event is positioned as a major international annual congress for the presentation of original results achieved from fundamental as well as applied research and engineering works.
There were four TERAPOD papers at this event: see the conference papers page for more info!

ACM NanoCom 2017
4th ACM International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication
27-29 Sep-2017; Washington DC, USA
The main goals of ACM NanoCom 2017 are to increase the visibility of this growing research area to the wider computing and communication research communities as well as bring together researchers from diverse disciplines that can foster and develop new paradigms for nanoscale devices. Due to the highly inter-disciplinary nature of this field of research, the conference aims to attract researchers and academics from various areas of study such as electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, bio-engineering, biotechnology, materials science, nanotechnology, who have an interest in computing and communications at the nanoscale.
TERAPOD sponsored this event and had a booth. Prof. Kuerner (TU Braunschweig) gave a tutorial on “THz Communication – From Today’s Demonstrators to Future Nano Communications.