3rd Towards THz Comms Workshop

Date: 12 Mar to 13 Mar 2020

Location: POSTPONED!!!!

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Beyond 5G Logo3rd Towards Terahertz Communications Workshop (TTCW)

Unfortunately, due to the travel restrictions and risks of infection from coronavirus, this event has been postponed. The B5G Cluster will try to fix a new date once the situation has stabilised. 

Apologies for any inconvenience.





The following will be updated once a new date and venue has been agreed.

12-13 Mar-2020; IMEC; Leuven, Belgium

The Beyond 5G Cluster is hosting TTCW 2020, this time at IMEC!

Travel information is available here: How to get to IMEC

Please register here!!!

Preliminary agenda (details on the registration site)


From 17:00 a welcome from IMEC host Dr. Piet Wambacq, followed by a poster session and (ticketed) social event at the Faculty Club.


From 08:30-15:30 there will be a full workshop programme including invited guest speakers and presentations from a range of THz comms H2020 projects and a final panel discussion.

Session 1: Latest THz Communications Results

An update on research results from the B5G Cluster partners:
TERAPOD; Alan Davy
ThoR; Thomas Kurner
DREAM; Vladimir Ermolov
EPIC; Onur Sahin
TERRANOVA; Angeliki Alexiou
Car2TERA; Joachim Oberhammer
Ultrawave; Claudio Paoloni
Wortecs; Olivier Brochet

Session 2: Future THz Communication Challenges
Several invited speakers: details TBC!

Session 3: Industry Perspective on THz Communications
Nokia; Dr. Volker Ziegler: THz world – moving beyond 5G
CEA; Eric Mercier

+several other speakers TBC!

Please register on the link above for the full details.