3rd Towards THz Comms Workshop

Date: 12 Mar 2021

Location: Online

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Beyond 5G Logo3rd Towards Terahertz Communications Workshop (3TTCW)

FRI 12 Mar-2021; online

The B5G Cluster is pleased to confirm agenda of 3TTCW! The workshop covered the latest EU research on THz communications, with guest speakers from industry to consider practical and commercial perspectives.

There were online poster sessions and break-out rooms for discussion, and the workshop was concluded by a panel session on the “Industrial Future of THz Comms.” 

Workshop flyer and agenda  

Some of the slides from the workshop are available below. 

Opening Keynote
Bringing THz communication to the mass market:
No longer an illusion
Prof. Piet Wambacq


Session 1: Latest THz comms project results

THz comms in a data centre environment

Dr. Alan Davy
Waterford Institute of Technology
THz end-to-end ultra-high data rate wireless systems

Prof. Thomas Kürner
TU Braunschweig
Integration of THz electronics

Dr. Vladimir Ermolov
EPIC   6G-era channel coding technology for THz systems:
Final outcomes of the EPIC project

Dr. Onur Sahin
Project results and introduction to ARIADNE

Prof. Angeliki Alexiou
University of Piraeus
Sub-THz car radar and THz-over-fiber data links

Prof. Joachim Oberhammer
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Progress in H2020 ULTRAWAVE
D-band point-to-multipoint wireless distribution 

Prof. Claudio Paoloni
University of Lancaster
Project and proof of concept overview

Dr. Oliver Bouchet
TERAWAY: Disruptive technologies for photonics-enabled THz transceivers for ultra-broadband links

Dr. Muhsin Ali
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
WIPLASH: Wireless communications in the terahertz band for massive heterogeneous computer architectures Dr. Akshay Jain and Dr. Sergi Abadal
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya


Session 2: Future THz comms challenges

6G Flagship
The potential role of THz in 6G

Prof. Matti Latva-aho
University of Oulu
THz communication:
A technology enabler for 6G?

Dr. Valerio Frascolla
Brainstorm session
THz comms challenges
Dr. Alan Davy
Waterford Institute of Technology


Session 3: Industry perspective on THz comms

The age of the THz – 6G technology and architecture vision to connect the worlds

Dr. Volker Ziegler
6G Leadership Bell Labs & CTO
Nokia Strategy and Technology
Scalable mmW architecture and implementation towards THz solutions

Eric Mercier
Panel discussion and questions
Industrial future of THz comms
Prof. Claudio Paoloni
University of Lancaster

Archive: 2TTCW
Selected presentations from the previous event in 2019 (2TTCW) are available here.