Further technical info

The following presentations provide some useful background to the TERAPOD project. Most were given at the EU Towards THz Communications workshop 07-Mar-2018. (More slides are available from the EU workshop website.)

TERAPOD presentations (by TERAPOD researchers on project topics)

Re-imagining data centres systems with THz wireless capabilities
Alan Davy; WIT

Metrology for performance analysis of THz devices and systems –Impact of lack of standards
Mira Naftaly; NPL

IEEE 802.15.3d and other activities related to THz Communications. Where to go next?
Thomas Kuerner; TU Braunschweig

Tutorial on THz communication – from today’s Demonstrators to future Nano Communications
Thomas Kuerner at ACM NanoCom 2017 (4th ACM International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication); Washington DC, USA, 27-Sep-2017.

ICT-09-2017 presentations (by colleagues from related H2020 projects on topics related to TERAPOD):

THz communications use cases and applications scenarios
Mir Ghoraishi; pureLiFi (WORTECS)

Terahertz Wireless Access Technologies to Deliver Optical Network Quality of Experience in Systems Beyond 5G
Angeliki Alexiou; University of Piraeus (TERRANOVA)

Next generation channel coding for Tbps wireless communications
Andre Bourdoux; IMEC (EPIC)